When you own solar panels for your home or for your business you will without a doubt want to reap the financial rewards from one of your most precious and expensive investment. Our solar panels cleaning services exist fundamentally to help you do just that.

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Dirty solar panels will definitely hinder your savings efforts overtime. But, we are here to help. Here are a few advantages of using our professional cleaning services.

1. Efficiency

It is a proven fact that having your panels cleaned regularly will aid in increasing their efficiency. It is really simple to understand. The more dirt on your panels, the lower the energy generated .

2. Warranty

In a case of any malfunctions, the solar panel manufacturers or installers can only cover you if there is proof regular cleaning. It is always specified by the manufacturers and installers that regular cleaning is a condition for warranty. To be on the safe side you need to ensure that your panels a cleaned regularly.

3. Rain water won't clean the way we do

The misconception is that rain water can do the job for you. It isn’t entirely true. While rain water can wash away some grime and and sand from your panels it also causes dirt to accumulate on your panels, which worsens the problem. So it is always best to have your panels cleaned by professionals

4. Increased durability

When you don’t clean your panels dust particles, sand and debris will build up on your panels and will contribute to the wear and tear of your panels overtime. Eventually the efficiency of your panels will lessen and you bear the risk of your panels failing sooner than anticipated.

5. Aesthetic appearance

We can all agree that no one wants old-looking, filth covered panels on their rooftop. So cleaning them will help maintain their look. The same way you prioritise cleaning the rest of the house or your office building, is the same way you need to prioritise cleaning your solar panels.

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